Q: What is barre?

Barre refers to the stationery handrail used in ballet and other forms of exercise. At ABX, Barre X is our fast-paced, high-energy group fitness class that combines dance-inspired positions, isometric work, light weights, and mindful yoga stretches. You will leave feeling stronger and more flexible, standing taller, and with more energy.

Q: What should I do before class? What should I bring? What should I wear?

For all classes, we recommend students wear comfortable workout clothing. We suggest a cropped or more form-fitting legging, as opposed to flared leg, so you can see your toes and the instructor can observe your alignment. Come hydrated and feel free to bring water to drink throughout class.

Barre: Barre socks (grips on the soles ) are required. We have them for sale in our boutique for $15 a pair.

Yoga: A yoga mat, loose-fitting, comfortable clothes, and bare feet. We suggest a towel for sweat and a bottle of water. If you do not have a yoga mat, we offer them for rent at the front desk for $1 per class.

Pilates: Bare feet or barre socks are recommended.

Cardio Dance: Studio shoes (workout shoes worn indoors only) are required.

Q: Is barre safe? I have an injury or am out of shape.

Barre is for every body. Please do let your instructor know if you have any specific injuries so that they can suggest modifications that will work best for you. Don’t worry if you consider yourself out of shape. Move at your own pace and keep coming back—you’ll see fast results!

Q: Should I arrive early for my first class?

We prefer that new students arrive 10-15 minutes before their first class. After filling out a waiver you will be able to store your belongings in a cubby and your instructor will set up the equipment you will need for the class in the studio. Equipment generally includes one set of heavy and one set of light weights, a ball, a mat, and a strap. You will find a mat that is unoccupied and that will be your spot for class. Please keep in mind that Above the Barre X is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Q: How do I guarantee that I am able to take the classes I want to take?

Pre-register on our website or download the MindBody Connect App (free) on your smartphone and use that to register for your classes. If you are unable to make a class you signed up for, please “early cancel” within four hours of class start time.

Q: Where can I park?

Metered street parking is available on Kercheval and there is a lot adjacent to the salon next door that has limited free parking.

Q: How often can I do barre?

We suggest our clients find what works best for them. For maximum results, three to four Barre X classes a week are recommended. We offer a variety of classes and various times for our clients to take classes that work best for their schedule. If you find that taking Barre X classes multiple times a week is too intense for your body, consider swapping in yoga, pilates, or dance which are all great complements to the barre workout.

Q: What are the differences between each class offered?

Please see our class descriptions here.

Q: I have a package; can I bring a guest to use one of my classes?

No, unfortunately we cannot interchange packages between students. The good news is we have an awesome deal for guests/new students*: 10 days of unlimited classes at ABX for just $20!

*New students is someone that hasn’t been here in over 6 months and is a LOCAL MI resident. Out of towners can get their own special deal!

Have more questions? Ask your instructor or e-mail Christy at christy@abovethebarrex.com.