Barre X: At ABX, we BARRE SO HARD—in a good way! Our signature fast-paced, high-energy barre class combines dance-inspired positions using the ballet barre, light weights, and mat work. A dynamic series of small muscle movements and isometric holds target core and upper body, thighs, seat, and abs with mindful stretching throughout. Our method is designed so that you walk away feeling stronger, longer, standing taller, and with a ballerina’s grace. Our instructors are constantly changing up routines so you’ll stay challenged and never plateau.

Cardio Barre: Ready to take your barre workout to the next level? We’ve added a cardio component to your beloved Barre X class, featuring the familiar core-stabilizing, muscle-toning movements with an added kick—literally. In just 45 minutes, including warm-up and cool-down, you’re challenged to pick up the pace and break a sweat without losing form. With one foot on the ground at all times, students benefit from a low-impact exercise that’s easy on the joints, while increasing calorie burn with specified interval training that elevates heart rate between isometric holds and active recovery periods. Familiarity with Barre X class highly recommended.

Barre & Yin: This “express” barre class offers 45 minutes of intense muscle toning with no breaks, earning you 15 minutes of blissful yoga stretching at the end. So worth it!


Hot Vinyasa: An intense cardiovascular yoga practice that picks up the pace to one breath-one movement, linking poses through sun salutations. At ABX we love to play, but students can rest assured that sequences are fully guided by the instructor. All levels are welcome and class difficulty will change depending on the levels of students in attendance. What is Level 2? This class is intended for Intermediate to Advanced yoga students; less verbal cueing to give students the space to explore their expanding practice.

Yin: Most of us—even yogis—don’t stretch enough. With Yin there’s no choice but to quiet the mind and fully relax in stillness. Poses are held for several minutes to focus on stretching connective tissue, which improves joint health and range of motion. The perfect complement to all your intense ABX classes, our 60-minute Yin class is offered on Sunday—the day of rest, of course.

Pilates (at Real Results Training)

Equipment Pilates (at RRT): Put your mat pilates skills in motion with spring resistance. Precision movements focus on core-stabilization and counter-resistance on an all-in-one apparatus that helps to realign the spine and strengthen those deep muscles you never knew you had. Class is offered one day a week at our sister studio, Real Results Training (21605 Harper Ave, St. Clair Shores 48080). Included in ABx packages; pre-registration required.


Cardio Dance: Get ready to bust a move—and sweat. This full-body workout, set to your favorite pop and hip-hop songs, lets you find your rhythm with energizing, easy-to-follow choreography, muscle toning, and bursts of cardio. (Dance in studio shoes: shoes that haven’t been worn outside, Barre socks or bare feet!)

Cardio Dance/Barre Mash-Up: Your weekend starts HERE! Allison gives you 30 minutes of choreographed dance followed by 30 minutes of isolated barre exercises for a full hour of heart-thumping, sweat-dripping fun. Join the party every Friday night so you can burn calories all weekend long.

Cardio Kickboxing: No boxing bag? No problem! This high-intensity class takes from aerobics, boxing & marital arts to give you an amazing workout. Jen leads a super fun and high energy class adding elements that take from our cardio dance class as choreography changes with each song.