Join the ABX Experience

ABX stands for Above the Barre X. Our approach to group fitness is above the rest—whether you book a barre, yoga, pilates, or dance class you can expect expert instruction, dynamic choreography, and fast results. ABX teachers draw from multiple exercise principles to create a workout that’s challenging, efficient, and guaranteed to change your body.

Don’t be #BASIC!

When it comes to fitness, ABX is anything but basic. We’re a boutique studio open 7 days a week—even holidays!—offering more than 50 classes a week. Our instructors are experts in their fields, highly trained, and bad-ass. They also care about YOU. They pay attention to students’ varying needs with hands-on adjustments when appropriate and constant encouragement. Don’t be shy about asking questions or giving us feedback after class. We want you to love your workout.

Express yo-self.

Feel free to wear whatever you like to class, as long as it’s comfortable and you can bend, stretch, and pulse in it! We also sell fitness apparel and accessories, so check out our merchandise at the front of the studio. Barre socks (they have grips on the soles) are required for Barre classes and are sold here for $15 a pair.

Who doesn’t love “all-inclusive”?

ABX wants you to get the most bang for your buck. That’s why we’re the only studio in town that offers barre, yoga, pilates, and dance for ONE competitive price. As part of our methodology, we encourage students to mix it up with their workouts—combo barre with yoga, pilates with dance, or better yet, try them all! You’ll not only keep your body guessing with challenging exercises, but you’ll have way more fun working out!

If you feel like being exclusive…

Talk to us about booking a private session or workout party. We also offer kids dance parties with Arabella. See the front desk for more information and we’d be happy to accommodate your one-on-one session or private event.

Come one, come all.

They may be trendy, but barre studios aren’t just for the “cool” kids. Although, if you come here, we think you’re cool. Whether you’re a mom, student, workaholic, couch potato, fitness fanatic, or yogi, ABX has something for you. Consider us your Cheers…we promise we’ll learn your name.


Your ABX Family